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Steam Engine 1904

What I want from a product

I want… title on payment, infinite tinkerability, and anonymity. Three little things. That should be easy, right? Title On Payment Technology has crossed many lines as it’s development has accelerated, but none so egregiously as title. When a writer produces a book they hold a copyright on that intellectual property…


Is it really August?

Hola amigos, Yes in fact it is August. Last month was filled with taking care of loose ends, finishing up projects, and selling or donating a lot of stuff. It was also the month I began teaching Amateur radio classes. I have been talking about doing it for some time, I just…


Résumé Updating

It’s been a while since I took any time to update the old résumé, though I must admit not a lot has changed, it’s just time to polish things up a bit. I have a LinkedIn account and I do make minor changes there every so often, but I haven’t done much with the…


May Then June

My last post was April 5th, and even that wasn’t much of a post. A lot of changes are in the wind these days. Here we are, the end of June 2016, and the thought crosses my mind, most of my solid accomplishments are running a bit stale. I need…


An unproductive cycle

I seem to be getting into a cycle of posting that doesn’t seem to work well, or encourage more frequent posting. I have been posting once a month on all of the blogs I post too, on the same day, and then ignore them for another month. It’s like getting…