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Is a blog just a blog?

Sorry about yesterdays disjointed post. I’m really not sure what happened, other than distraction and a somewhat confused general state of mind after spending the day in the shop cleaning up. This morning I am gonna’ do a little house cleaning here on the blog. I had set up a…


Test Pilot: 101

Test Pilot, one of the most glamorous titles for a pilot, right? Well, sort of. The adage goes, if you deviate from limits or design you become a test pilot. This usually is intended to make you think twice before deviating from said limits and/or design. In the movies the Test Pilot usually…


Knowledge tests done

On Monday, June 4th I went down to Ocean Air Flight Services with my classmate Rob where we took our General and Airframe knowledge tests passing them both handily. With that behind us the next step is to head out to Byron Airport, again with Rob, and take the practical…


Enter December

Here we are, it’s already December. It seems like just yesterday I was all jazzed about starting a build project, a new weight loss program, and going back to school. Let’s get the ugly out of the way first. The build project was basically abandoned. I had only built two…


AMT school and projects

It’s been a few weeks since I posted last. School has bee going well, it’s a lot of hard work but I am having a great time. Lot’s of quizzes and tests and we are covering a lot of material. It’s hard to believe we are already half way through…