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A&P School: Almost Done

What is the take-away from all of this? Work with what you have. Take on only the work you can do now. Grow slowly with well planned steps. Never stop learning. Keep an eye to the sky, an ear to the ground, and your nose to the grind stone, then you just might make it.


Happy New Year 2013

Not much new to post about this month. The usual holiday/family stuff going on pretty much all month. Stay tuned for the second semester of powerplant. Peace, Love, & Airplanes, ~FlyBoyJon  


Knowledge tests done

On Monday, June 4th I went down to Ocean Air Flight Services with my classmate Rob where we took our General and Airframe knowledge tests passing them both handily. With that behind us the next step is to head out to Byron Airport, again with Rob, and take the practical…



Again with the long time between posts… School has been quite the load this year. 21 units a semester is keeping me very busy. On May 25 I finished my second semester of A&P school which means I can take my FAA tests for my Airframe Mechanic Certificate. I am…


Tribal Knowledge

While reading through my monthly yard of magazines I came across an article that sparked my interest. It wasn’t the whole¬†article, or even a complete section, it was two paragraphs that grabbed hold of my attention. ¬†The point the author was making was that in the aviation maintenance industry, thought…