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A Jenny I know

Greetings fellow aircraft enthusiasts, I want to give a special shout out to Brian Karli in Peachtree City, GA. Brian has been doing an amazing job documenting his Curtis Jenny Restoration. He started in 2006 with a pile of original parts and is getting ever closer to a meticulouslly restored…



Yup, that’s me. You may have noticed, I haven’t posted since January. Not for lack of desire mind you. The world around, being what it is has limited my resources and thus my time. Shortage of time aside, the economy has made its fair share of obstructions to getting things…


Moving forward in the new year.

Time to pick up some new charts and a new FAR/AIM. Things in the planning area have been going slower than hoped. We are still looking for sponsors, with the current economy sponsors are sparse. On another front, we are looking at some possibilities for the educational side. More on…



Here’s toasting to the new year, wishing all the best to you and yours. Let’s see if 09 wont bring some adventure. ~FBJ


Recording Training Flights

When I first began my flight training I, being a media dork, decided to record my training flights. I made audio recordings from engine start to shut down. Now it’s been a few years and I wish I had continued the practice. In the aircraft I was flying at the…