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Again with the long time between posts… School has been quite the load this year. 21 units a semester is keeping me very busy. On May 25 I finished my second semester of A&P school which means I can take my FAA tests for my Airframe Mechanic Certificate. I am…


Digital Media Revolution: Disparate Infrastructure Is The Enemy

I was scanning my Twitter feed and came across this tweet from @AllenChou; “40% of broadband households watch full-length TV shows over Internet yet TV/Film Distribs not making $” So I checked out the article Allen linked to. In part it says… DIGITAL: Study shows industry needs to find better…


Building A Production Team

Howdy all! This is going to be a short post today, I am totally wiped out tonight but I wanted to get this out right away. I will be refining this post and building a Team Search page later but for now I will get to the guts of the…


Where is he going with this?

A fair question, indeed. When I started this iteration of the website as a blog in March of 2008, the idea was to use it as a personal site only. Later it migrated to an idea of a purely commercial/organizational site, and has morphed into several variations since. In the…


Cha cha cha changes

You may have noticed, some things have… shifted a little. The basics of the site are the same. The over all concept of this site being about adventure is still the same, now it’s just a little more personal to me. It is my adventure, in life. I know what…