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Nine Years

Nine years ago I set up this domain and started blogging, I still don’t seem to have gotten the hang of it. With everything going on in our lives and in the world around us, I should have plenty to write about. I have my radio blog, also lacking in…


Keeping Clean

I had a heck of a time coming up with todays post, life, the universe, and everything conspired against this post coming out at all today. Todays topic is keeping a work site clean. Today I had the pleasure of cutting into some decking, a 40+ year old walkway that…


Milling Lumber

Greetings Tool Users, Anyone out there familiar with milling? For those not familiar with the subject, milling is basically cutting wood down to specific measurements, making boards from logs as it were. This is an over simplification, but it, pardon the pun, cuts to the chase. The project I am…



When you are a builder/fixer one of the difficulties of apartment living, or living in a small space in general is finding a place for a workshop. In my case, I have semi-public spaces I can work in, I just can’t leave anything lying out overnight to dry or set….


My kingdom for parts bins!

I have discovered something interesting. It seems that when you remodel a workshop to make it cleaner and more organized, you will spend the better part of the rest of your life trying to get things back in order. No matter how much forethought I put into this remodel, I…