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Closing MySpace Accounts

I set up MySpace accounts for several businesses with the intent of promoting them, in part, with social networking. After 3 months of constant porn spamming I killed all of the MySpace accounts. I have accounts on several other social networks, Livejournal, Spaces, Facebook, Blogspot, just to name a few….


Welcome to April

I was going to post this on the 1st, but time got away as usual. So here it is, at 1:40am. Does it count as the previous day if you are still awake? Any way, this is just a short one to welcome the new month. Funny that this April…


An Opening Post

Hello out there in the blogosphere! I am creating this blog for several reasons. Some are technical, others are experimental, and still others are to develop ideas for other works. One part of the experimental plan is to post in an “off the radar” environment and see if / how…