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Safety Washer Tab Tool

The whos-a-whats-a? I started a new project yesterday in class, the overhaul of an Marvel-Schebler MA 4-SPA carburetor. The overhaul isn’t too big a deal even though there were spider webs in the barrel of the carb and a bunch of crud came out of the float bowl when I…


A&P School: Almost Done

What is the take-away from all of this? Work with what you have. Take on only the work you can do now. Grow slowly with well planned steps. Never stop learning. Keep an eye to the sky, an ear to the ground, and your nose to the grind stone, then you just might make it.


Happy New Year 2013

Not much new to post about this month. The usual holiday/family stuff going on pretty much all month. Stay tuned for the second semester of powerplant. Peace, Love, & Airplanes, ~FlyBoyJon  


Fall 2012 Almost A Memory

This semester has just flown by at mach speed! It seems like just yesterday we were out at the airport picking our engines for the overhaul project and now we are a week from finals and the last day of class and only 175 days until the last day of…


Chug chug chugging along

Mid-terms are done, not that much of the pressure is off. With finals just around the corner, It’s head down, full steam ahead.