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Descendants of John Thayer

I wrote this piece for the Genealogical Archive. ~FBJ 505 years has transpired through this 16 generation descendancy, five centuries, half a millennium. When I inherited the genealogy project from my mother, generations 16 back through 10 where in the research files my grandmother had compiled. When I discovered the…


A Book Project

The books are intended to help film students and new producers understand the budget process and provide a foundation for budget development. Even if you are not involved in production this workbook will give you an idea as to what goes into making a major motion picture.


Daedalus Development

Writing, for me, is a complicated process. Alternate history requires a knowledge of history, alternate technology requires a knowledge of period technology, add historical figures, and this brings on a whole new level of study. As you can most likely imagine I have been immersed in research for the last…



Some of the basics have already been put to paper, as of yet there is no plot or hero’s journey, Just a very rough outline. I do have a plucky pair of historical protagonists with a cadre of cohorts picked out, along with a few antagonists ranging from government agents to industrial tycoons.