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Daedalus Development

Writing, for me, is a complicated process. Alternate history requires a knowledge of history, alternate technology requires a knowledge of period technology, add historical figures, and this brings on a whole new level of study. As you can most likely imagine I have been immersed in research for the last…



Some of the basics have already been put to paper, as of yet there is no plot or hero’s journey, Just a very rough outline. I do have a plucky pair of historical protagonists with a cadre of cohorts picked out, along with a few antagonists ranging from government agents to industrial tycoons.


Site News

News of The Day 08:04:10 If you have been poking about it will be obvious, several web site/domains have been merged into this site. They include; FlyBoyJon.com RedSailFilms.com WanzerAviation.com WanzerGroup.com The move to incorporate several domains into this site was to provide a central administrative system and to encourage more…


G1000 Goes Synthetic!

The Future Has Arrived Ever since the G1000 hit the streets, I knew this was only a couple of steps away. About this time last year I was telling a friend that they would see this before summer 2008. The big deal is that it is an STC’d software update,…


Artistic vs. Commercial

What makes good media? When asking this question you can expect the answer to fall along party lines. In media development, the Party System is divided in 2 Major Parties. Creative and Distribution with fringe parties like Product Placement and Trend Watchers confusing the issue just enough to keep things…